The NeoPan Pizza


We’ve taken years of learnings, to create a totally new style of pizza.

Side shot of a pizza to show the crumb

Meet the Pizza

‘Neopan’ takes the best parts of both NYC and Neapolitan pizza. Each pizza is baked to order in it’s own circular steel pan inside the Leno Pizza Machine.

The result is a super fluffy classic Neapolitan crust, but with more hold, bite and a far crispier NYC style base.


As a part of our journey, we’ve spent countless hours and a lot of energy on finding the best quality ingredient from the best places. The basil from our basil pesto comes from a 1 acre farm in Cheshire called Cinderwood Market Garden. 

The key to this style of pizza is that the toppings should never be sparse. Heaping piles of mushrooms, pepperoni cups covering every inch of the pizza, that’s what we want for every single style of pizza we do. 

Just Dip It

Our sauces are also key to the line up. Try them all, from Pistachio Pesto to ‘Nduja Chilli Honey, we have SEVEN new house sauce creations so you can ‘Just Dip It’ to your heart’s content.

Having a factory means we can make even more in house and we’re making the most it. Our magical team of expert chefs and kitchen crew are crushing it and we hope you’re as excited to try it as we are to share it.