Building The Brewery.

The Brewery has arrived. The DieCast Brewing Co is now under construction and premium beers are now in production...

The Brewery has arrived.

Fresh is always best. So from sauces to dough, we always strive to make as much as we can ourselves. It’s how we do things. Having our own factory means we can apply this approach to a more industrial level. 

‘Diecast means  we can now brew, bake, grow and make our own products, in our very own artisan factory. And first up…Is the beer!’

DieCast Brewing Co. is exactly that. Our own brewery. Having our own house lager or IPA is now standard for beer loving destinations. We’ve done many collabs over the years, made a lot of friends and learned alot. Trial, error, joy. All of the above.  We now have the space to finally take all our learnings and brew our own beers, to our own recipes, curate our own collaborators, have beer festivals and generally, drink beer! 

Situated on the Ducie St side of the factory ‘The DieCast Brewing Co.’ is now under construction and the first DieCast beers are in design and initial production.

Ready to brew from March 23.  We have the capacity to create 10,000 litres of fresh, unpasteurised beer. That’s 17,000 pints a week! Which is, without a doubt, slighly more than we ever could have dreamed or imagined. Watch this space…  

Keep up to date with Brewery progress @diecastmcr